Lets say a middle school student starts to show real promise in his or her chosen sport.  His or her parents are totally invested in her/his success, so they begin to work on their kids brand.  They incorporate, trademarks, purchases the domain names, grab all the social media @ they can and fosters a following for the student athlete.  They amass a million plus followers across their social media.  They sell some merch on their personal site, but the main focus is to garner a viable audience for the future.   Lets say said student hits the college of their choice and is able to leverage their success on the field and through the smart moves they made to secure and protect their identity.  After a year or so playing in college, the student either burns out of playing the sport, they have an injury that keeps them from advancing or best case scenario they are lottery picks.  At this point, the athlete walks in with a major stake in his business success or if he doesn’t make it, he still is capable of utilizing the business base that he set up.  Allowing collegiate student athletes to make money from their likeness is major.   If done write, it puts the power in the students hands. 

When Master P walked into label offices, he had already sold 500,000 plus albums out the trunk and had a fan base established.  He was able to dictate the deal he wanted, instead of being at the mercy of the labels.   Student athletes can do what Lavar Ball attempted, no matter if they have a storied career in their sport or not.   Economic empowerment is at the base level of this discussion.  Its about capitalizing on your own identity and not waiting for others to structure your success.


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